Date: 16th October 2016
Graphic Overlays
An overlay is a kind of silk screen printed or digital printed graphic sheet or panel that is placed on the surface of a product. Graphic overlays provide a high quality finish for products, communicate messages, and act as the interface between people and machine. It can be made in many different ways, depending on the requirements of the application.?A wide variety of graphic effects can be printed on different materials. The underside usually is covered with an adhesive layer backed with a liner. During assembly the liner is removed so the graphic can be sticked onto the surface of the product. Overlays can be thick or thin, depending on the desired look. They can be just a few colors or they can be photographic in appearance.LUPHITOUCH utilizes extensive type of materials like Autotype PET, GE HP Lexan PC, Reflex PET, PMMA, PC, Glass etc. for graphic overlays progress, which suits for various type of environment. We professionally design and manufacture high quality graphic overlays to serve industrial controls, medical equipments and instruments, energy metering, Airplane and other markets.Material: Autotype PET, GE HP Lexan PC, Reflex PET, PMMA, PC, Glass etc;Printing: silk screen printing, digital printing;?Embossing Buttons: full button embossed, button rim embossed, logo embossed, that selected area embossed, LED windows embossed, can emboss any shape as per customer?s request;?Window: leave some areas not be printed as the window, window can be clear, can be tint, can be translucent etc;?Cutouts: make somewhere be cutout which can be suitable to the bottom assembled components extended out; ???
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