Date: 16th October 2016
ITDM (Integrated Touch Display Module)
> Our New Technology?Integrated Touchscreen Display Module (ITDM)?Touchpanel integrated with LCD provides you an integrated and tidy Human Machine Interface for your final application!LCD?Liquid Crystal Display, can provide the user a friendly display interface. It can show much colorful and useful graphic, data etc. information to end users.?Touchscreen Panel: It is a kind of interaction interface. When your fingers touched it, it will trigger the function accordingly.?In current times, the LCD and touchscreen panel are usually separately installed on end user's operation machine or equipment. By this way the end user have to consider to leave enough room to install the LCDs and touchscreen panels when they design their machine. There is also another way. It is the touchscreen laminated on the LCD. But its cost is very high and the most important is that it couldn't give the end users a very friendly & very nice interface and also couldn't provide good user experience.If can make the LCD and the touchscreen panel to be an integrated part, then it not only can have the LCD and touchscreen's function, but also can give the end users a very nice interface and good user experiences. It also can save mechanical room on the machine or equipment case. ?LUPHITOUCH cooperated with our LCD and touchscreen partners developed such kind of new product. The touchscreen embedded into the LCD panel. It is very thin and light. We can place the touch buttons at beside of the display window like the normal displaying method and also can place the buttons in the display area. At the same time we also can customize your products as per your requirements.?If you have any needs for our ITDM or you want to customize your ITDM product, please feel free to contact us!?
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